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Hi! I'm Sidney Salvodon, they call me Sid — creator, founder, and futurist.I am going to get fancy and write in 3rd person starting on the next sentence…Sid is a goofy introvert with a knack for learning new subjects quickly. Some know him as a complete nerd— others may describe him as “that fast kid that used to run track.”Sid just views himself as an ordinary Believer on assignment.Over the last decade, he has helped scale 2 creator companies past $10M in annual revenue, and he helped build a finance community to 20K+ private members.Before that, Sid cofounded a creator-focused consulting agency. Worked in finance at State Street, and in partnerships at Blavity Inc.These days, he works at Google and writes about the nonprofit sector in his free time.When Sid is not working or writing— he usually spends time with loved-ones, volunteers, travels, or is learning a new subject.Sid’s journey has come with both wins & losses. Great success often involves overcoming challenges, and his story is a testament to the valuable lessons learned along the way.To delve further into his experiences, learnings, and everything in between— join Sid on twitter!FUN FACT: Sid's a product of Haitian parents 🇭🇹

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